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How did Sharpies charity challenge begin?

In 2005, over dinner and drinks with a few friends, I mentioned that I could drink 20 litres of beers in 24 hours. Two close friends said it was impossible and bet me $200 each to try and drink even 10 litres of beer in 24 hours. Another mate backed me $200 that I could do it! As there was considerable money involved. I accepted the challenge but only if the money went to charity! The rest is history.

Previous Challenges

2016 - Ian's 60km Walk in Memory of Diana's 60th Birthday

The challenge was brought back due to the sudden death of our mother and wife Diana Sharp. Ian decided to walk 60km in memeroy of Diana on what was to be her 60th birthday. It was a huge ask that he took on, and the 64 year old acheived his goal in 13 and a half hours! I am certain that she would have been proud of his achievement which was pure guts and determination.

The 2016 challenge along with the butterfly necklaces that have been sold have raised $78,000 for the foundation which is by far the best year to date even on the donations alone. This brings the Foundations total amount raised since the beginning to $220,000. This year the funds will be donated to HeartKids and Diabete's Australia. A few smaller donations will also be made to other nominated charties. This challenge was in memroy of our mum and wife Diana Elizabeth Sharp (07-03-1956 to 18-02-2015) we miss her every day xxx.

2014 – All in One, 10th & Final Challenge 

The 2014 challenge raised $22,000 which was another brilliant achievement now bringing the Foundations total to $142,000! The Funds will be donated to HeartKids and The Alfred Hospital. Furthermore, there was also a small donation made to another nominated charity. This year the challenge was in memory of our lost friends and family as well as to the future health of all our families and friends. May their spirits & legacy's live on forever and may we only share happy & healthy times together.

Furthermore, I would like emphasis my commitment to HeatKids due to my daughter Zahara being born with Tetralogy of Fallot. I hope that this will help raise funds and awareness for children with heart conditions as well as the support for one of our great hospital's The Alfred that has helped many of our friends & family during tough and challenging times.

2013 – Kokoda Track (Papua New Guinea)

This was our first overseas challenge and it took us in the footsteps of our soldiers from Owers Corner to Kokoda a 96km gruelling track with all the challenges of nature thrown at us. It was just Ian (my father) and myself this year with another 11 brave people who join the group run by Kokoda Spirit. It took 10 days and 9 nights crossing the country and the highest peak. It was a great achievement and to do it as father son was also very special.

In 2013 we raised $19,000 which was a great achievement in tough economic times and with only the two of us as normally we have more participants helping to raise funds. The funds will be donated to HeartKids Victioria as well as SoldierOn. Furthermore, there was also a small donation made to another nominated charity. This year the challenge was in memory of Peter Sackville & Karl Basist.

2012 – 50km walk + 500 push-ups

This was a long gruelling challenge that demanded strength, stamina and concerntration. For the participants who did the whole amount it took 9 hours and 25 minutes to complete the 50km's and the 500 push-ups. There were 25 people who participated and 12 of them completed the 50km's with about half of them completing the 500 push-ups. It was a great achievement for all the participants.

In 2012 we raised $22,500 which was a brillant achievement in tough economic times. The funds will be donated to HeartKids Victioria as well as Life Saving Victoria. Furthermore, there was also a small donation made to another nominated charity. This year the challenge was in memory of Peter Sackville, Elijah Yeo, & Jack Ben-Zur.

2011 – 1,000 Steps Dandenong National Park

The 1,000 steps was a great challenge. For the participants who did it 10 times it took 4 hours and roughly 18km to walk/hike/climb the 1,000 steps in the Dandenong Ranges. There were 27 people who participated and 6 of them completed it 10 times. It was a great achievement for all the participants.

In 2011 we managed to raise $22,000 which was a great achievement. The funds will be donated to HeartKids Victioria as well as The Reach Foundation. Furthermore, there was also a small donation made to Access Inc. This year the challenge was in memory of Peter Sackville, Adam Rosen, Tania Silver & Matila Harrison.

2010 – Mount Kosciuszko

This was a great challenge with 27 people joining us for the weekend and 19 taking on the challenge. The first part of the climb was difficult, there were 15 of the 19 who made it to the first summit and 8 making it to the 2nd summit. After 36km and 10.5 hours of hiking it was over. Without the support of all the participants and supporters this challenge would not have been possible.

Again a big thank you to my corporate sponsors who have helped make this an annual evenmt.. Over $23,000 was raised going to HeartKids and a small portion to the Monash Cancer Children's Centre. This year was for the future health of Zahara Sharp and Eitan Shoshan.

2009 – Half Ironman

This was a tough challenge and the first with numerous competitors. It was physically demanding over 5 hours (3km swim = 56 mins; 85km cycle = 2 hours & 41 mins and 10km run = 63 mins, with 29 mins in transition). All up I had over 20 other competitors who participated in an individual discipline.

Again my corporate sponsors were great as well as my 8 volunteers who helped me. Almost $9,500 was raised going to The Alfred Hospital in memory of Greg Sher, Michael Jacks, Ryan Segal and my uncle Peter Sackville.  

2008 – Bike Riding from Canberra to Melbourne in 4 days

This was the hardest but most successful Sharpies Charity Challenge to date. It was almost 24 hours on a bike seat in 4 days riding 560 km, where Mother Nature was at her best with strong headwinds. It was the first year for a few things; other participants, an increase in donations and corporate sponsorship that without it the event would not have taken place.

I want to thank the corporate sponsors as well as a great crew and support riders who joined me (My wife Elissa, Mark, Gary, Steff, Mum, Dad, Henry, Ruth and Laura). Over $14,000 was raised going to the Leukaemia Foundation in memory of my uncle Peter Sackville.

2007 - Movember - Growing A Moustache For 30 Days
This was the least adventuress year for the challenge, as it was also the year I 'tied the knot'. With limited time to organise a challenge, I participated in the annual "Movember", a moustache growing charity event held during November each year to raise money and awareness about male health issues. Physically, it was the easiest challenge, so far, however I did look a little rough. It was successful, but it had minimal donations compared to previous years with my fund only reaching approximately $1,000.

2006 - 5 kilograms of baked beans in 24 hours
This was definitely the more financially successful than 2005 but physically harder. The challenge was held in Sydney, where  I was living at the time. The challenge was to eat 5 kilograms of Heinz baked beans in less than 24 hours. This was a challenge and I completed it with about 5 minutes to go! After the pain, it was good to know that I managed to raise approximately $4,000.

2005 - 10 litres of beer in 24 hours
This was the inaugural year where I was challenged to drink 10 litres of full strength beer in 24 hours. When you think of the challenge it seems very achievable. Surely, sitting with mates over an afternoon, that can be done. However, there was added pressure of everyone watching me drink, rather than drinking with me. The alcohol began to take its told and I managed to finish with about 45 minutes to go. I was very happy with my efforts and with the donations. I managed to raise approximately $1,500.


From the beginning there were always rules set by two of my close friends (Joel and Gary).

1) We have a judge/s with us at all times during a challenge or consumption of products.
2) A judge/s has to note down when a product is consumed and monitors the running tally.
3) Someone needs to complete the challenge in full, with no help from others. Others are allowed to participate, however none of their contribution can count to the full completion of the challenge.
4) A judge/s must note the start and end time and monitor this in order for people to achieve the goal/challenge.

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